Testimony against rate hikes

To whom it may concern at DPU –

I am writing in opposition to the new tiered rate system proposed by National Grid.  We have successfully built new small scale solar projects in Worcester, and also linked nonprofits with community solar projects that generate savings for low-income housing providers, allowing them to utilize the savings for programs and services for the people they work with.
This proposed rate change would be a disincentive to our progress in rebuilding the energy infrastructure for the nation’s second oldest housing.  We need more opportunities to expand small scale solar so as to ensure that the group of homeless providers looking to lower their rates, build energy efficiency, and tap into solar are rewarded for being frugal with donor and tax payer dollars, shrinking their energy budgets with capital investments, while freeing up the dollars previously allocated for their utility line items in their budgets.
One local shelter has just signed on to a community solar project that will lower their rates by 20%.  Several homeless programs have invested in new wiring, lighting, and efficient heating.  Five solar projects have been built specifically for this population.  All of these energy initiatives are partly or wholly funded through state programs.  It would make no sense at this juncture to put in jeopardy one aspect of state energy programs while rewarding National Grid with a system that helps bigger energy consumers while punishing small scale consumers.
For these reasons we ask you to deny the proposed tier rates.

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