Energy Support

CGLIHC has assisted over 14 agencies and 33 sites connect with energy resource and clean energy options.  This has included everything from raising needed capital funding for a comprehensively engineered heating system replacement for a 30 bed program, to securing insulation for family shelters.  We provide support for nonprofits partners statewide looking to secure clean energy to reduce costs and green their housing.

Grey Water Initiative

Our metrowest and central Massachusetts grey water initiative builds on the success of grey water and water recycling tools to lower water sewer costs for low-income.  As water/sewer costs increase for low-income people, we need new tools already available to lower costs and stabilize water consumption in the face of droughts.

Advocacy and Education

With postcard parties, outreach, testimony, and press conferences/editorials, our steering committee of low-income advocates and allies work to increase access and utilization of clean energy options in housing and transportation.  Recent work has included testifying about our grey water initiative to the new Water Infrastructure Advisory Committee, to hosting the state’s first 100% renewable energy summit, and serving on the Governor’s Affordable Access to Clean and Efficient Energy Initiative Steering Committee.