Advisory Committee

Yvette Dyson,Executive Director, Worcester Common Ground, Inc.

Yvette has had the pleasure of serving the Piedmont Neighborhood for the past 18 years.  Her first 13 years were spent as the Real Estate Development Director creating rental rehabilitation and First Time Homeownership opportunities throughout the Austin and Piedmont corridors.  During that time she had the unique opportunity to work with many community members to determine neighborhood need, as she has helped to bring 128 affordable rental units rental units and 18 First Time Homeownership properties to our community.  Her background in real estate and community work gave her the opportunity to move forward within the organization to become the Executive Director in 2013. In the last five years she has learned the depths of WCG. With the help of her resident driven Board of Directors, committed staff, interns and volunteers she will continue to strengthen the organization into the future

Diane Gould, President and CEO, Advocates

Diane Gould is President and CEO of Advocates, a nonprofit human services agency that provides community-based services throughout Massachusetts. For more than thirty-five years, Diane has held clinical and leadership roles at Advocates and directed a broad range of clinical, residential, and support services that promote empowerment, inclusion, and health equity.
In the broader community Diane is an active board member of the Massachusetts Providers Council, the Association for Behavioral Healthcare (ABH), and several other industry advocacy organizations. Throughout her career, Diane has worked to build diverse, inclusive community coalitions that address mental health and social service needs.
Diane was a founding member and former co-chair of the MetroWest Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force, a coalition of community organizations, state agencies, and persons in recovery.
Diane holds a master of social work degree from Simmons College, and she earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Massachusetts with a concentration in English and women’s studies.  Advocates worked closely with this initiative to upgrade and seek energy improvements at multiple locations in Worcester and Metro West to lower costs and utilize clean energy tools

Gordon Hargrove, Executive Director of Friendly House

For 53 years Gordon has been the Executive Director of Friendly House, which was founded in 1920 “for the educational, social and family betterment of residents of the City of Worcester”. We have grown into a multi-service center that works with entire families both immediate and extended, as an integrating force for the families and the neighborhood(s) it serves. Friendly House operates due to an organized effort of people concerned about the development of their neighborhoods.  Gordon and his team partnered with CGLIHC to adopt their properties to solar power, reducing the cost to the agency.

Nancy McGeoghegan, MHSA Development Director, Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc.

Nancy McGeoghegan has 20+ years of experience generating millions of dollars, acquiring tens of thousands of customers and strengthening customer/donor loyalty. With a BS in Communications, Nancy’s career has spanned many industries working as a television producer, photo journalist, public relations executive and sales & marketing director for Silicon Valley technology companies as well as fortune 500 companies. Nancy migrated to the nonprofit sector in 1995 and now works in development at the Middlesex Human Service Agency (MHSA). Nancy is a visionary and passionate leader who understands where an organization is and where it wants to be, developing a comprehensive strategy to achieve the greatest results. Nancy led the process for Middlesex Human Service Agency to reduce their cost through creative use of green energy tools. Partnering with MIT and CGLIHC, MHSA drafted a plan for clean energy and also is working to adopt clean energy at their shelter and housing sites in Waltham, Boston and beyond!

Tim McMahon,Executive Director, Catholic Charities Worcester County

Tim McMahon was appointed the Executive Director of Catholic Charities in January 2017. Tim had a twenty-five year career in Massachusetts state government beginning as a housing search worker for the Department of Public Welfare and concluding as Undersecretary for Administration at the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. He has served multiple Boards and commissions including Y.O.U Inc. and the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

Tim graduated from Worcester State University with a bachelor’s in business management and a master’s degree in public affairs from UMass Boston. Tim and his wife Denise reside in Holden and have two grown children.

Janelle Wilson, Executive Director of Jeremiahs Inn

Janelle has been Executive Director of Jeremiahs Inn since 2012.  Since she began in December 2012 Janelle has implemented a first-ever strategic and fund development plan, which incorporates nearly 150 annual grant applications, effectively bringing the organization out of a pattern of annual net operating losses, and into a pattern of surpluses with an over 8,000% increase in annual revenue from 2012 – 2015. Not only has programming for both the Nutrition Center and the Social Model Recovery Program been increased and improved, many capital improvements have been made as well; As part of the their renovations, Janelle partnered with CGLIHC, helping to highlight the lack of replacements for housing program oil furnaces, and also working to replace the heating and cooling system with energy efficient and solar tools.

Action Committee

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