A Proposal to save 10 % on electricity and natural gas bills

The Homeless Residential Program Energy Discount is a proposal that would provide discounts on electricity and natural gas bills of 10% to eligible entities engaged in housing homeless individuals and families. Subject to certification by a designated state agency, non- profit corporations determined to be principally and substantially engaged in the business of housing homeless persons, upon written application, would be eligible for a ten percent discount on rates.

The Homeless Residential Program Energy Discount would also serve as a mandated enrollment tool so that non-profits who are principal owners of housing for homeless persons would enroll in existing state programs such as LEAN (Low-Income Energy Affordability Network), and receive additional updates from other entities about energy saving programs.

The Homeless Residential Program Energy Discount, modeled after the existing Massachusetts Farm Energy Discount Program, would help the social safety net serving the most vulnerable populations in Massachusetts save on their winter heating and electric bills, a valuable savings that could be utilized to increase housing opportu- nities, or provide additional programming to enhance the lives of, and stabilize the homeless population of Massachusetts.

energy discountFor more information on this proposal, contact:

Dave McMahon at 508 579 9249

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